Top 2 Second Hand Clothing Suppliers In Ireland

Today, we’re shining a spotlight on the top 2 second-hand clothing suppliers in Ireland. Navigating the landscape of wholesale used clothes suppliers in Ireland can be a daunting task, with various options to consider for your business. In this article, we’ll highlight the two most reputable suppliers in the country, providing you with insights to make an informed decision. Remember, prices and quality can vary among suppliers, so thorough research is essential before making any commitments.

All-Tex Recyclers

Location: in Cloughmills, Northern Ireland

Product: Used clothing

Number of factories:Two factory

Company Profile:All-Tex Recyclers are Ireland’s leading buyer, processor and worldwide exporter of used clothing, textiles and paired shoes. With over 30 years experience in the industry, they pride ourselves on being leaders in the field with their excellent service and attention to customer needs.

Having started from a modest operation they have become a successful environmentally conscious business, employing over 160 staff from their centrally located modern facility in the village of Cloughmills, County Antrim, about 8 miles from Ballymena.

Their workforce of over 160 trained operatives are fully conversant with all stages of the textile recycling process and, coupled with the extensive automated machinery onsite, this ensures a quality product for the customers worldwide.

More info of All-Tex Recyclers team


Top 2 Second Hand Clothing Suppliers In Ireland



Location: Guangzhou, in China

Product: use clothing ,used shoes,and used bags

Number of factories: Two factories

Company Profile:Hissen Global has been a leading second hand clothing exporter since 2012. Experienced entrepreneurs establish the company, and they have a considerable resource for collecting used clothes.
Their supply chain and distribution system are not only stable but also significant, they have 70,000 collecting points and solid recycling accesses.Hissen Global provides its customers with a vast range of second hand apparel, such as coats, pants, shoes, and industry rags, for adults and children or for other business purposes.
If you want to learn more about their specific information or product catalog, visit their website!

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Top 2 Second Hand Clothing Suppliers In Ireland



In conclusion, Ireland’s second-hand clothing market offers a wealth of opportunities for businesses and consumers alike. Whether you’re looking for quality inventory for your store or seeking sustainable fashion options, the top suppliers highlighted in this article are sure to meet your needs. Remember to prioritize research and due diligence to ensure the best outcomes for your business. Thank you for reading!

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