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Jiangyin Wankai Textile Co., Ltd., Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting Used Clothes, Apparel Stock and 0 more Products.


Supplier strength: ★★★

Number of factories:Two factory

Product: Second Hand Clothing


Website Traffic index:★★★

Company Profile: 

Satisfied111 reviews
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  • 62 orders

    US $440,000+


Jiangyin Wankai Textile Co.

Minor customization

Minor customization refers to custom logos, packaging, or graphics
Jiangyin Wankai Textile Co.

Design-based customization

The supplier supports customization based on design drawings
Jiangyin Wankai Textile Co.

Sample-based customization

The supplier supports customization based on samples
Jiangyin Wankai Textile Co.

Full customization

The supplier supports customization based on specific requirement descriptions

Quality control

Jiangyin Wankai Textile Co.

Raw-material traceability identification

Supports buyers in quality traceability
Jiangyin Wankai Textile Co.

Finished product inspection

The supplier conducts stringent inspections on all its finished products
Jiangyin Wankai Textile Co.

QA/QC inspectors

Number of supplier’s QA/QC inspection employees
Jiangyin Wankai Textile Co.

Testing instruments

Number of supplier’s product testing equipment units
Jiangyin Wankai Textile Co.

On-site material inspection

The supplier has a relevant inspection process for this product’s raw materials
Jiangyin Wankai Textile Co.

Quality traceability

Supports buyers in quality traceability
Jiangyin Wankai Textile Co.

Warranty available

The supplier provides quality assurance services


Company registration date 2017-11-14
Floor space(㎡) 11850
Accepted languages Chinese,English
Years exporting 6
Years in industry 6

Production capabilities

Production lines 1
Total annual output (units) 1500000
Production machines 31

Quality control

Product Support traceability of raw materials Yes
Product inspection method Inspection of all products, Random inspection, According to client’s requirement
Quality control conducted on all production lines Yes
QA/QC inspectors 3

Trade background

Main markets Africa(40%), Southeast Asia(30%), South America(10%)
Main client types Retailer, Wholesaler, For private use, Manufacturer

R&D capabilities

Customization options light customization, light customization, sample processing, graphic processing, customized on demand
New products launched in last year 20
R&D engineers 5
R&D engineer education levels 5 juniorCollege

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