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Nord Sud is an import export company that deals in used clothing in UAE. We offer European sorted used clothes & shoes with experience of more than 30 yrs.


Supplier strength: ★★★★★

Number of factories:One factory

Product: Second Hand Clothing

Location: United Arab Emirates

Website Traffic index:★★

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Welcome to Nord Sud

Nord-Sud is an import export company that deals with used clothing since 1985. It was originated in Europe and shifted to the United Arab Emirates. The company’s main focus is to preserve our environment and help charitable institutions to dispose and distribute their textile materials by buying from them and reselling it to the markets around the world thus giving used clothes a new life.

Nord-Sud a well known and well established company in the used clothes business that aims to always provide the best quality of used clothes, used shoes and handbags. Our main markets for sorted used clothing are West Africa, The Middle East, and East Europe.

For the recycling category it is India and Pakistan.


The raw material (original) is purchased from many organisations around the world. It includes used clothes, shoes and handbags. We have sorting lines to categorise each item and seperate it for efficient and speedy work. Each category is sent to stations where graders start to sort and grade the clothes into different qualities.

Qualities: Cream, A-Grade, B-Grade, C-Grade


Once the used clothes is sorted and graded then comes the packaging process. The clothes are pressed into 45 KG bundles known as “bales” then covered with 2 sheets of plastic and finally strapped. Depending on the customer’s demand, we are able to package the bales into different weight categories that range from 40 KG to 80 KG. We always use high quality sheets and plastic strap.


Our used clothes is exported worldwide especially into Africa. We are able to load 600+ 45 KG bales in a 40 FT HC Container, professionally with over 10 years of experience without damaging the goods. Nord Sud can provide you with the best rate of shipping cost and transit time to your port as we deal with many shipping lines for many years. Contact us to know more!

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