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Supplier strength: ★★★★

Number of factories:One factory

Product: Second hand clothes shoes and bags and toys

Location: UK

Website Traffic index:★★★

Company Profile:

Welcome to Fortune Eximports, where we blend our passion for sustainability with the dynamic world of textile recycling.

For over 25 years, we’ve been a pivotal force in the UK, proudly steering the industry towards a greener future. Our mission is simple yet profound: to collect and repurpose used textiles, transforming them into valuable resources for communities worldwide.

What We Recycle

Shoes and bags
A smorgasbord of wearable pairs of shoe and bags
Variety of goods ranging from kitchenware to furnitures
Household Items
White goods, pillows, duvets and other household textiles
Both soft and plastic toys
Both new and used wearable, clean clothing

Why Choose Us

Trusted Reputation

Our name is synonymous with reliability and excellence. With a history spanning a quarter of a century, our dedicated team of managers and drivers work tirelessly to maintain our standard of exceptional service.

Competitive Rebate

We offer excellent rebates for your items. We believe in supporting your goals and causes, ensuring that your efforts are both financially rewarding and environmentally impactful.

Pioneering Spirit

Our collaboration with a leading UK University underlines our commitment to closing the circular economy loop in textiles. We invite you to join us

Import | Export Services

Our product range, from original clothing and shoes to vintage items and industrial wipers, is customised to your needs. We ensure each transaction is as unique as our clients with our flexible, customer-focused approach.

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