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We aim for our activities to have an absolute positive environmental footprint on the planet and humanity. We collect textile waste that would end up in landfills, so we avoid all the negative environmental impacts from thousands of tons of textile waste. We achieve to give the textiles a second circle of life by sorting carefully and exporting the best qualities in developing countries in order to meet human needs, avoiding pollution and energy intensive production of new clothing. At the same time, all textiles that cannot be reused to meet human needs, are processed in raw material recovery units.

 We reduce the volume of waste = positive footprint on the environment.

 We help charities to achieve their objectives more effectively by providing them with cash flow = positive footprint on humanity.

 We cover the clothing needs in developing countries = positive footprint on humanity.

 We save resources (raw materials & energy) that would be consumed to produce new textiles to meet the needs that we are covering = positive footprint on the environment.

We enjoy our mission and we are proud of it!

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