Supplier strength: ★★★

Number of factories:Two factories

Product: Used clothes shoes bags and mixed rags


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Hissen practices a rigorous quality control system that utilizes 5 times of quality inspection before delivering to guarantee the quality and consistency of our products. With our dedication to quality, we can help you boost sales and reputation.

Company Information

Business Type Distributor/Wholesaler
Company Hissenglobal
Main Products used clothes
Established Year 2013
City / State Guangzhou , Guangdong
Country China
Address Guangdong Guangzhou Tianhe

Factory Information

Location 广州市白云区
Factory Size 10000²
Total QC Staff 50
Total RND Staff 100
Number of Production Lines >30
Annual output >500container
Average Lead Time 10-30

Trading Information

Total Revenue 150000000
Export Percentage 98%
Nearest Port 南沙港
Overseas Office 喀麦隆.菲律宾

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