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Number of factories:One factory

Product: Used clothing

Location: Netherlands

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RETEX is established and located in The Netherlands.

By sorting used textile in different reusable qualities is RETEX trying to give the environment space and time to breath healthy.

By processing used textile

”RETEX Netherlands” is proud to work with companies all over the world, who are ready to commerce it even further in different desirable usage of re-wearable and non-wearable clothing. 


RETEX Netherlands is offering different styles of packaging for their products.

To make it easier and faster while loading/unloading we are using big bales, small bales, big bags, small bags and plastic bags.

More information about our packaging styles. 

Plastic bags (transparent)  15/30 KG

Small Bales 40/100 KG

Small Bags 60/80 KG

Big Bags 100/200 KG

Big Bales 400/500 KG

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