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California Clothing Recyclers, is an international exporting firm that ships and brokers new and used clothing.


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Number of factories:One factory

Product: Used clothes shoes and bags


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About California Clothing Recyclers, LLC

Through the conscious recycling of clothing and shoes, we are reducing our landfills while helping clothe others around the world.

Marcus and Crystal Gomez, a husband and wife team, founded California Clothing Recyclers in the fall of 1997. Since then California Clothing Recyclers, LLC has been a leader of used clothing recycling serving the Sacramento region and Northern California.

The Gomez family has been a pillar in the used clothing exporting industry in Northern California since the 1950’s. Marcus and Crystal created California Clothing Recyclers as a spin-off of his father’s business, Markess Exporting Company.

California Clothing Recyclers, LLC is a for-profit company.

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