Best 2 Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In India

In India, the second hand clothing industry is booming, providing consumers with a diverse range of choices and sustainable shopping experiences. In this vibrant and diverse market, two suppliers stand out for their quality, reliability, and customer service. This article will introduce the best two second hand clothing suppliers in the Indian market, as well as their position and influence in the industry.


Location:in Gujarat,India

Products:Used clothing and rags

Number of factory:One factory

Company Profile:Kandla Exim is a flourishing company in the recycled clothing space and has established itself in the industry. It draws its strength from a young and dynamic team, which has made Kandla Exim a highly regarded name in the second-hand clothing industry. 

  • Kandla Exim operates a state-of-the-art sorting/sorting facility based in India that sorts more than 70 million pounds of rags each year and employs a large number of employees at these facilities.
  • Their main goal remains to provide quality clothing at affordable prices to customers worldwide.
  • They provide the customers with quality products that guarantee the growth and expansion of the business.
  • They ensure 100% quality products and they are known for the customer-oriented services.They customize the products according to the needs of our customers.They offer first-class products and services related to used second-hand clothing.
More info of Kandlaexim team
Best 2 Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In India


Location: Guangzhou, in China

Product: use clothing ,used shoes,and used bags

Number of factories: Two factories

Company Profile:Hissen Global has been a leading second hand clothing exporter since 2012. Experienced entrepreneurs establish the company, and they have a considerable resource for collecting used clothes.Their supply chain and distribution system are not only stable but also significant, they have 70,000 collecting points and solid recycling accesses.Hissen Global provides its customers with a vast range of second hand apparel, such as coats, pants, shoes, and industry rags, for adults and children or for other business purposes.

If you want to learn more about their specific information or product catalog, visit their website!

More info about Hissen Global

Best 2 Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In India


Whether you’re a retailer or an individual seeking unique fashion finds, the above suppliers are sure to meet your needs. If you’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with the suppliers, we invite you to share your experiences in the comments below. Your feedback can provide valuable insights to others in the community, helping them make well-informed decisions.

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