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Number of factories:One factory

Product: Used clothing and rags

Location: India

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Kandla Exim is a flourishing company in the recycled clothing space and has established itself in the industry. It draws its strength from a young and dynamic team, which has made Kandla Exim a highly regarded name in the second-hand clothing industry. 

  • Kandla Exim operates a state-of-the-art sorting/sorting facility based in India that sorts more than 70 million pounds of rags each year and employs a large number of employees at these facilities.
  • Our main goal remains to provide quality clothing at affordable prices to customers worldwide.
  • We provide our customers with quality products that guarantee the growth and expansion of our business.

Extensive Distribution Network

Quality clothing at affordable prices

Customer-oriented Services

A trusted partner for used clothing

We ensure 100% quality products and we are known for our customer-oriented services. We customize the products according to the needs of our customers. We are a wholesale store that classifies and recycles used second-hand clothing. We offer first-class products and services related to used second-hand clothing.

Our extensive sorting facility and step-by-step sorting and grading process ensure that we can efficiently and accurately classify used clothing.

Kandla Exim is known for its large production capacity of impeccable quality used clothing. Used clothing is packaged and distributed through our extensive distribution network to countries around the world where there is a need for cheap used clothing. This efficient process of recycling used clothing and producing reusable clothing serves a dual purpose. It ensures that an innumerable wearable device that would otherwise clog landfills will find its users in poor communities and serve the betterment of humanity.

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