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Hey Guys! 

We are a one of the oldest family recycling textile factory’s based in the south east of England.

With Secondhand clothing market set to be twice the size of fast fashion by 2030, we have provided a sustainable service to help retailers in the UK.

At our recycling factory we help the UK’S Carbon footprint and recycle more than 280 ton a week of clothing that we rescue from reaching landfill sites in the UK.

Our aim is to help retailers buy sustainable clothing than buying imported CO2 emission retro stock from abroad at high prices!

We source, sort and grade the best vintage stock, then ship it to your door so you can spend time on what matters most… selling!


At BOOM we sell the highest quality vintage clothing, we have a qualified trained team specifically grading items for the vintage retro market.

BOOM is a major contributor to the circular economy, collecting sorting, recycling textiles nationwide.

You will find if you buy from other wholesalers, they tend to import all their stock from overseas which is very inefficient with high Co2 emissions. 

Sometimes we do come across pieces that have slight defects, but our experienced team will feel the piece is still unique enough to go through the grading process.

Our team also carefully grade and remove non authentic, damaged or lower grade items, however sometimes we do come across pieces that have slight defects, but our experienced team feel the piece is still quality enough to go through the grading process.

i.e, a 90s adidas white label sweatshirt that may have a small stain or blemish or tiny hole which we will keep in as they will go for RRP between £60 – £120 

unfortunately boom does not offer hand picking.

We feel it would be too unfavourable to our SACKS, with all the cream being picked out. 

On the positive side this does mean that all our SACKS are jam packed with vintage Boomin itemS!

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