Supplier strength: ★★★★

Number of factories:One factory

Product: Second Hand Clothes,Shoes and Bags

Location: Latvia

Website Traffic index:★★

Company Profile:

Why Kreskat is always a good choice?

We have gained a trustful and long-term relationships with supplying plants. There is no need to question the advantage of cooperation with experienced contractor with attested quality system.

You will have an opportunity to personally examine goods before purchasing as we are always open for store visits (warehouse address: Snikeres iela 23, LV 1067 Riga Latvia). Alternatively, we are happy to show every single piece of commodity remotely in real time when you are only planning to purchase any of our goods as well as during shipment preparation. We are certain that such practice will help customers to avoid buying a cat in a sack.

Well-experienced logistics team is here, therefore you can be sure that goods will be at your location the soonest and at the most economical price. It will help you to plan your sales in good time. Our location point (Riga, Latvija) is also an advantage – quick delivery to all EU destinations!

Since we are in contract with many manufacturers from all over the world for a long period of time, we have a unique possibility to purchase clothing and footwear for lower price. Therefore, our clients may enjoy the better price we offer in the long run.

Our warehouses are being renovated in compliance with EU requirements. All facilities are brand new, therefore products’ proper storage has been duly ensured.

All new and existing team members that are working at our warehouses do get the necessary training, which helps to avoid any appearance of defected commodity or any product that doesn’t match our quality standards.

There is a flexible pricing, and we always tend to make advances to our clients, therefore our customer always gets the best price.

Our sales managers are available 24/7, so you could solve all the issues and get the necessary information at a convenient time.

We speak many languages here. It results in good communication with unique supplying factories (e.g. from France or Italy), therefore we have access to wider assortment of clothing.

We are selfish, so we are taking care of our reputation badly. Hence, our main goal is extremely happy client!

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