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Number of factories:One factory

Product: Second Hand Clothing


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To contribute to the raising of healthier generations with our innovative, principled approach that considers customer needs and the value-added service we develop.

To increase the satisfaction of our customers as a quality, innovative and reliable company with our modern service approach.


We are sorting more than 400 different categories.

5 Continents 30 Countries

We export to 30 different countries in 5 continents such Europe, Asia, Africa, Eurasia and South America.

14.9 millions Kg Export

In 2022, we ranked as 18th with a volume of 25 million USD among all sectors in Mersin Free Zone.

18th in Mersin Free Zone

In 2022, we ranked 18th in the region with a number 265 employees and a volume of 25 million USD among all sectors in Mersin Free Zone.


  • Our imported original clothes are only from European Union countries, which we purchase according to a weekly plan.
  • We carefully unload them into our warehouse.
  • Our stockkeeper takes the stock record and reports it to our management team.
  • Originals coming from different countries on a daily basis are put into production according to the FIFO (first in, first out) philosophy.


  • Our first-sorting employees sort the clothes into categories
  • After the categorized products are weighed and barcoded, they are classified by our experienced quality/fine sorters
  • The products are once again subjected to quality control. As final stage; we fold the clothes carefully and pack them with a fixed composition and kilogram as per the customer requirement. And we store them in our Warehouse for loading.


  • Stored products are loaded according to the date and packing list which agreed with the customer.
  • The container is sealed and sent to the port.
  • Loading documents are shared with the customers.

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