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Number of factories:One factory

Product: Textiles

Location: UK

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About Precycle

The Precycle Group is one of the largest multi-material recyclers in Europe that focuses on the re-use of materials entering the waste stream. Through our network of 13 offices around the world and our 170 associates, we recycled 30,000 tons of material in 2007.

Our core business is the recycling of textiles. We recycle all grades of re-usable textiles, from shop returns to door-to-door to sorted clothing. These are collected from across the UK, Northern Europe, Scandanavia and North America and recycled through our own facilities and those of our partners across Europe, Asia and Africa.

In recent years we have developed extensive capabilities in the recycling of paper and cardboard, metals, plastics, electronic and electrical items. As with textiles, we work with corporates, charities and municipal authorities to collect these items and recycle them through our own facilities and the facilities of our partners.

The Precycle Group’s philosophy is focused on researching, developing and growing recycling markets through the re-use of materials, with minimal reprocessing. This is less energy-intensive than re-manufacturing and more environmentally sustainable.

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