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Sabat Group has bought and shipped second-hand goods of over 56,000 tons in the past 25 years. We are a trusted partner of many big manufacturers and suppliers across ...


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Number of factories:One factory

Product: Second hand clothes shoes bags and toys


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Sabat Company is a Worldwide Trading Company

Sabat Company stands as a distinguished entity within the global trading landscape. Our journey commenced in Iraq in 1999, followed by official registrations in Turkey in 2008 and Dubai in 2013. Primarily, Sabat is deeply immersed in the international recycling sector, where we hold the distinction of being Iraq’s foremost importer of second-hand goods. These goods span various categories, encompassing clothing, summer and winter footwear, bags, toys, household items, blankets, and more. Our inventory predominantly comprises high-quality items sourced from Sweden and Norway, two nations renowned for their exemplary living standards, thereby underscoring the exceptional quality of our products on a global scale.

Since its inception, Sabat has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its horizons into the realm of international transport through our Turkish branch. This strategic move has enabled us to forge direct international business relationships. Consequently, Sabat has become adept at transporting goods from across the globe to the Kurdistan region of Iraq, bolstering our presence on the international stage.

Sabat’s core VISION is encapsulated in the phrase, “THE ENVIRONMENT IS OUR HIGHEST PRIORITY.” Anchored in this unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, our 25-year tenure in the recycling industry has contributed significantly to the conservation of billions of liters of drinking water on our planet. Furthermore, in alignment with extensive international research attesting to the paramount importance of recycling for environmental sustainability, Sabat has undertaken commendable initiatives. We have executed modest yet impactful projects aimed at generating environmentally friendly energy through solar cells and have undertaken extensive tree-planting endeavors within Iraq.

As we set our gaze upon the future, Sabat aspires to deepen its involvement in environmental initiatives, solidifying our dedication to preserving the Earth’s resources for generations to come.

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