Supplier strength: ★★★★

Number of factories:One factory

Product: Second hand clothing and shoes

Location: USA

Website Traffic index:★★★

Company Profile:


CalTex Traders LLC is a global wholesale supplier of second hand clothing and shoes. We sort, grade, export and are independent agents of Used Shoes, Unsorted Institutional Clothing, Belts & Purses, Caps/ Hats, Soft Toys, etc.

We have a dedicated well educated work force that is specialized in grading and sorting and have supplied and delivered millions of pairs of new and gently worn shoes to micro-enterprises worldwide. We are located in Southern California and have a well established reputation with our suppliers and customers.

We work close with our suppliers/distributors to make sure that the quality of our goods is superior to the competition. Our double quality control ensures that our goods meet and/or exceed the end users expectations.We are always looking for new suppliers from whom we can buy used shoes, used footwear, secondhand clothing, institutional clothing, mixed rags, etc.

We take pride in maintaining a positive image by building strong connections with institutions, charities and non-profit organizations through our professionalism of paying on time, visiting our vendors on a regular basis, monitoring and evaluating the quality of the used goods we purchase, and adding suppliers as our needs grow.

We take great care and consideration to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our company.

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