Best 10 Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In UK

Second hand clothes suppliers are gaining popularity in Uk as more and more people look for ways to spare money. In this post, we will look at the best 10 second hand clothes suppliers in UK. We will also discuss some factors that have led to their popularity. Keep reading to learn more!

Top Textiles Midland limited

Location:in Birmingham,UK

Product:Second hand clothing

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:Top Textiles Midland limited is original wholesale second hand clothes from the United Kingdom.Within their factory clothes are sorted into different grades depending on their customers’ requirements. They currently supply original gem / new clothing, and high grade goods to the European customers. They also supply African graded items to the African Customers. Furthermore they have the capability to source the grade required for the Pakistan Customers. Beyond clothes they have the ability to supply good quality shoes, handbags and Toys.  Here at Top Textiles they understand all customers have different specifications and requirements. For this reason, advise you contact them and they will try their best to fulfil individual requirements.They do currently have the capability to supply goods in different sized bags, boxes, sacks, bales and different weights.

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Best 10 Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In UK



Location:in Birmingham,UK

Product:Used clothing,shoes,handbags

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:Skygates Co UK is the most successful exporter of second-hand clothes to the Eastern Europe countries in England.They have been a second -hand clothing exporter since 2000 and will ship the clothing of various quality and quantity to satisfy the needs of market. They operate a full export service as well as the office and plant in Birmingham, England.They are expanding our business and looking for the new business contacts with customers and suppliers, who could buy and sell to them unsorted second -hand clothing. Please, email them your information and details at your convenience.

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Best 10 Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In UK


Globale Trading UK used clothes

Location:in Belgium,UK

Product:Second hand textiles and footwear

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:Globale Trading is an import-export company based in Belgium that deal in UK used clothes and shoes. They are one of the leaders for decades in the second hand business and are the second generation and have experience for over 35 years.
Specialized in recycling and sorting second-hand textiles and footwear. The used clothes and used shoes are from the best quality from UK, used clothing and shoes originals (D2D and C4C collections).
They have professional team in sorting and packaging the demanded goods for every costumer worldwide destination.They load weekly goods for our regular clients. Their export-department organise trailers, 20ft and 40ft HC. containers shipping and recommended documents.

Their sales cover many countries in Africa, (East) Europe, Asia and Middle East. Their target is to keep best quality second hand clothing & shoes and deliver on time.

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Best 10 Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In UK


Green garments

Location:in North Yorkshire,UK

Product:Second hand clothing

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:Welcome to Green Garments, a trusted UK wholesaler of meticulously sorted second-hand clothing, located in the heart of North Yorkshire.

At Green Garments, they are deeply committed to sustainability and preventing clothing from going to waste. That’s why they meticulously check and sort each item to ensure it meets their high standards and matches their customers’ preferences. Their focus is on providing quality garments that have great resale value.
With a diverse range of product categories, they cater to various styles and preferences. Whether you’re looking for dresses, tops, jeans, skirts, or any other clothing item, they’ve got you covered. They also value your unique requirements and are delighted to accommodate custom orders tailored to your specific needs.
Choose Green Garments for your wholesale second-hand clothing needs, and join them in their mission to make a positive impact on the environment while providing quality garments.
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Best 10 Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In UK


Location:in  North Wales,UK

Product:Vintage Clothes

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:Limalimavintage is a wholesale vintage clothing company based in North Wales. They source, sort and grade some of the best vintage stock from all over the world, then ship it to your door so you can spend time on what matters most… selling!

They’ve acquired some great contacts over the years which has enabled us to find some of the best bulk vintage clothing available. They only buy what they know will be fantastic sellers for their customers. So whether you’re after some of the biggest brands in the industry like Nike, Ralph Lauren, or The North Face, or whether you’re after some amazing true vintage classics such as.

They’ve learnt over the years exactly what makes their customers tick, mainly great in-demand stock, a friendly and personalised customer service, and super quick postage.

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Best 10 Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In UK


Vintage Wholesale Supply LTD

Location:in Nuneaton,UK

Product: Vintage Clothes

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:Vintage Wholesale Supply LTD is the UK’s leading vintage wholesaler. They specialise in Premium Vintage Brands such as Carhartt, Dickies and more.Their team is composed of passionate vintage enthusiasts who work tirelessly travelling the world to source the best vintage clothing you can find. They carefully handpick each item in their inventory, ensuring that it meets the high standards of authenticity, condition, style & quality. They have a vast and ever-changing inventory of vintage items, from Carhartt jackets and Levi’s jeans to single stitch t-shirts that date back all the way to the 1970’s!

Best 10 Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In UK


Branded Vintage Wholesale

Location:in Nuneaton,UK

Product: Vintage Clothes

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:Branded Vintage Wholesale specialises in providing you with the best quality highly sought after branded vintage products. To do so they source vintage sportswear and designer clothing and accessories globally to bring you the best. By sourcing in volume they are able to provide you the highest quality at the lowest prices, allowing you and your businesses to provide your customers with the most trending vintage products on the market at the best prices, and ultimately make you the most profit in the process.

They currently sell products per piece and you can find the costs of the products on their price list page. They do not sell products on an individual basis, and there is a minimum order requirement which allows you to benefit from wholesale prices. They do not have set rules on how they conduct the orders and they feel that this is the best way to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Contact them if you have any special requirements for orders, they will always endeavour to respond in a timely manner and fulfil any requests.

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Best 10 Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In UK


Messina Hembry

Location:in Nuneaton,UK

Product:Vintage and preloved designer clothing

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:They are Messina Hembry; they’re all about giving second hand designer clothing another chance at life, and keeping an eye on the environmental impacts of the fashion industry.

They handpick the very best of vintage & preloved designer clothing to give them a new lease of life whilst dressing the customers in unique and one-off garments as a result. Their selection of high-quality premium clothes is second to none. With hundreds of designers from Calvin Klein to Nike, they consider the ranges to be the very best of second hand & vintage clothing.

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Best 10 Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In UK



Location:in Podington,UK

Product:Used clothes

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:SENBOTEX is a textile recycling company that aims to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry by transforming unwanted clothes into new and valuable products.

They also work with schools across the UK to help them reduce their waste, raise funds, and educate their students about the benefits of recycling.

They accept all types of clothing, including sportswear, shoes, accessories, and more. They sort the clothing into different categories and send them to the partners who either reuse, repair, or recycle them.

Do you have old or unwanted clothes that are taking up space in your wardrobe? Do you want to help the environment and support a good cause at the same time? If so, you might be interested in their textile recycling service.

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Best 10 Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In UK



Location: Guangzhou, in China

Product: use clothing ,used shoes,and used bags

Number of factories: Two factories

Company Profile:

Hissen Global is a second hand clothes wholesale company with a strict quality control system. The company has gained all necessary qualifications, including industry licenses such as ISO9001, ISO45001, etc.They are famous for having a rigorous quality control system. They implement 5 times quality inspection during produce process and before packing and loading. Each step is managed by 100% manual.The company’s used clothing is stored in a safe and dry environment, which keeps the used garment in good condition.Hissen has a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff who are available to reply to your questions. Contact them today to learn more about their services or place an order.

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Best 10 Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In UK



When looking for second-hand clothing suppliers in the UK, choosing the best ones is crucial. Through the introduction of ten suppliers in this article, you can easily find high-quality and diverse second-hand clothing. These suppliers not only offer excellent products but also prioritize customer experience and sustainable development. Whether you are shopping online or visiting physical stores, these suppliers can meet your needs. I hope you can find ideal second-hand clothing suppliers through this article.

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