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Product: Vintage clothes

Location: UK

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About Lima Lima Vintage Wholesale

We’re a Wholesale Vintage Clothing company based in North Wales. We source, sort and grade some of the best vintage stock from all over the world, then ship it to your door so you can spend time on what matters most… selling!

We’ve acquired some great contacts over the years which has enabled us to find some of the best bulk vintage clothing available. We only buy what we know will be fantastic sellers for our customers. So whether you’re after some of the biggest brands in the industry like Nike, Ralph Lauren, or The North Face, or whether you’re after some amazing true vintage classics such as

We’ve learnt over the years exactly what makes our customers tick, mainly great in-demand stock, a friendly and personalised customer service, and super quick postage. All this combined means you can always feel confident investing your money in us. We take great pride in helping our customers reach their ambitions of becoming successful full time sellers!

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