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We are a UK vintage wholesaler specialising in Y2K and trend driven vintage, sourcing vintage bales and Italian stock for handpick and online bundles.


Supplier strength: ★★★★

Number of factories:One factory

Product: Vintage Clothes

Location: England

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We are a vintage wholesaler in the UK, providing vintage resellers of all sizes with stock for their online stores and physical shops. Our buying team, which has over 20 years of combined experience, starts the process by sourcing vintage bales from factories all around the world. The product is then graded, categorised, and presented for both handpick and online bundles. Our goal is to bring all of this great vintage product to one location, making life as simple as possible for resellers worldwide.

Our stock is heavily focused around American and European Vintage. This allows us to offer an extensive product list of American and Italian Vintage categories. We are always up to date with fashion trends and work closely with our suppliers to bring these to you for the best price.

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