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Lontex Exports Ltd

Lontex Exports Ltd is our parent company and we are located in Barking at the junction where Thames road meets River road. The company was set up in 1992 to grade and export used clothes and shoes to East Africa.

In 2000 we ventured into the collection of used foot ware by way of Shoe recycling banks. A scheme which was a year later extended to the collection of used textiles. We currently collect, process, and export fine quality used clothes and shoes to Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia as well as supplying the local U.K market.

As a company we also export items abroad to different various countries. For more details regarding our courier services.

Our Company is living testimony that even smaller to medium-sized companies can be involved in textile recycling if properly managed and make a difference. We work closely with charities, local authorities, waste reclamation firms, and individual property owners interested in playing a part in protecting the environment. We currently have textile recycling sites in and around London. Our warehouse in Barking is among the largest second-hand shoes grading sites in the U.K. Handling just under 1,000 tonnes of used foot ware every year. We are proud members of the textiles recycling association and registered waste carriers. We are properly licensed and insured.

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