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British Second Hand Clothes. Quality recycling second hand clothes and shoes. Sorted & original collection, clothes / shoes / accessories. International transport ...


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About Second Hand Creme LTD

Based on second-hand clothing industry, dealing with  European / Middle-East & African market within last 8 years, we are developing a new system of sorted goods. Creme & Grade A production, unique selection of second hand clothes & shoes / accessories ready for export.
Specific packing list can be provided with an balanced ratios of all items we can provide. 
International freight services now available on request, dealing with MSC & SAFMARINE shipping lines.
Second hand clothes has never been such fun on sorting and packing into our company, grading and quality checking on site & on daily basis.
You are more than welcome to come and visit us, we promise our assistance and price-beating in entire market within U.K
Second Hand Creme Ltd, is not only a business, we are not a company, we are a family !

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