Supplier strength: ★★★★

Number of factories:One factory

Product: Second Hand Clothes

Location: England

Website Traffic index:★★★

Company Profile:

Second hand clothes from England
We offer a high level of sorting of second hand clothes from England and can ensure that you receive your order on time to your specifications.
The company is located in Ukraine. You can visit our warehouse and check the quality of the clothes.

The company “IMEX TRUST”

The company «IMEX TRUST» began its activity in 2018. Over the years of successful work, the company has gained confidence as a reliable supplier of quality second hand. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the team, 18 branches were opened, covering the entire territory of Ukraine.


Reliability is a key component of your business success.

We guarantee high quality service, efficient cooperation and high-quality European goods delivered in the shortest possible time. The result of the work «IMEX TRUST» is a high assessment of our partnership with you.

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