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We are Pick Vintage Wholesale, based in lincolnshire. we import vintage clothing from the USA and Europe.


We supply vintage resellers of all kinds, from eBay and Depop, to high street shops.

We offer in person handpick appointments, video handpick appointments, bundles to get new sellers started, or select quantities of specific categoies such as Carhartt Jackets, Branded T-Shirts and Sweatshirts.


We offer both in person handpick and video handpick appointments.

In person handpick appointments have a £250 + VAT minimum spend and require a redeemable £20 deposit and video handpick appointments have a £300 +VAT minimum spend and a require a redeemable £50 deposit.

For in person handpicks we are open 10am-5pm Monday – Friday, the time you book on the form below is an arrival time, you can spend as much or as little time with us as you would like. Items are paid for and taken with you on the day. We can post out any items you are unable to take with you on the day.

Please select a time and date below and follow the instructions to book your in person handpick

For video handpicks we will arrange a start time and usually take a maximum of 2 hours to complete. An invoice will be sent to you after your pick, once this has been paid we will send your items out ASAP. Your £50 deposit will be redeemed against your invoice. If you are unable to meet the minimum spend or do not pay for your items after the handpick the deposit of £50 will not be refunded.

To book a video handpick please fill in the form below with the date and time you would like to book. Our opening times are Monday to Friday 10am-5pm, last booking time is 3pm.

Deposits are redeemable against the total handpick spend. Cancelations made after 48 hours before your appointment are non-refundable. Cancelations made before this time are 100% refundable.

If you have any questions please email us at, call 07783129273 or fill in the form below.

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