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About second-hand clothing wholesale

Our company has been dealing with sorting and trading second-hand clothing since 2014. We work in a smaller, homely atmosphere so we can better control the quality provided to our customers. The collections mostly originate in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland. We always try to offer the best possible price/quality ratio for our customers.

Quality second-hand clothing from Bemo-Textil!

If you want to update the stock of your existing store or think about opening a second-hand store, you should check out the selection of Bemo-Textil second-hand clothing wholesale! Bemo-Textil reviews and sorts typically German, Austrian, Dutch and Swiss collections by quality and type of clothing. The small number of staff and the homely atmosphere allows the employees of Bemo-Textil second-hand clothing wholesale to carefully check and sort the textiles that have arrived. Among the goods you can buy women’s and men’s clothing, baby and children’s clothing, shoes, bijoux, bags, belts, home textiles and other textiles.

Why switch to second-hand clothing?
The fashion industry is also responsible for the high degree of pollution of our environment, indeed, it ranks second in environmental damage, preceded only by the oil industry. In fast fashion stores, the offer being renewed almost every 1-2 weeks requires a lot of resources and produces an amazing amount of waste. What is fashionable today may not be tomorrow… there will always be another wave of trends, and the latest fashion outfits are in huge demand. As fast as we buy their clothes, as fast we throw them away. 84% of all boring and discarded clothes end up in a garbage dump or incinerator.

Fortunately, this trend seems to change, if even slightly. More and more people are turning to second-hand clothing shops, where they can get branded and fashionable clothes at affordable prices.

These clothes are often much better quality than those available in fast-fashion stores, in addition, they are unique, since there is only one of each of them.

Our second-hand clothing wholesale offers a wide range of resellers to whom it is important to offer quality goods to their customers. Customers often find the casual clothes of their dreams or the perfect running shoes in second-hand clothing shops. The charm of such stores is that the buyer never knows in advance what she will find, which she then falls in love with and can get for her cheaply.

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