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Product: Used Clothing

Location: Italy

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We offer a wide range of selected used clothing, shoes, bags, toys and textile material to be recycled. The original material is purchased in major Italian cities. The garments are subjected to a process of selection and sorting, and divided into the various qualities and types. After the selection, the material is sanitized by means of a regular process, thanks to a plant sanitation inside the company. The used clothes are packed in various types, in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Our used clothing are sold in various parts of the world, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

Our Secondhand clothing come from the best Italian towns. We select used clothing in the following categoriesin order of quality:
  • Crema
  • Extra
  • Superior
  • First, Grade A
  • Second, Grade B
  • Third, Grade C
  • Toys
  • Tropical Mix
  • Shoes, belts, bags
  • Textile Reciclyng

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