Supplier strength: ★★★★

Number of factories:Two factory

Product: Used clothes, Used shoes ,  Mixed rags

Location: UK

Website Traffic index:★★

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About Samiyatex

We are graders and exporters of Used Shoes, Second Hand Clothing, and wholesalers of Vintage clothing through our sister company, LA Vintage. We’ve been in business for 27 years, sort over 800,000 lbs/month with 45 full time employees and we specialize in exporting to two regions of the worlds, mainly Central & South America and Africa. Central & South America demands the highest quality with the latest fashionable styles, brand names and almost new quality while Africa buys high volume and good quality at a very competitive price.

But in order to make good quality export bales of clothing or bags of shoes, you need both a very experience work force like ours which is majority Latino who understand fashion very well and the best quality of raw material which is why we use a mixture of the best premium mix rags & blend them with our un-touched amazing quality credentials. Yes, we pay much more for our raw material than most companies but it’s sure worth it for our customers.

Samiyatex is also pleased to announce that we have recently expanded our business into 2 new areas. The first one is Brokering of Mix Rags & Credentials to various graders overseas. Having sorted for 27+ years in Los Angeles, we know exactly what another grader is looking for so we wanted to combine our vast experience and contacts with many thrift stores to export the best raw material to our customers overseas. The second new business that we have expanded into is buying Stock lot/Store Return Shoes, Clothing & Accessories and export them overseas. Here we buy from top American retailers like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Target, Victoria Secret, Kohl’s and so on, in bulk and export them to our customers overseas who is looking for the best shoes and clothing the US market has to offer.

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