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About Us

Garson & Shaw is a global wholesale supplier of used clothing and related items. Reusing and recycling are good for our planet and it’s people.




But we reclaim only 15% of all discarded clothing. The average person in the US throws away 70 lbs. of clothing each year —that’s over 25 billion lbs. landfilled. At Garson & Shaw, though, we know that reusing and recycling are good for our planet and its people.


By re-wearing, reusing, and recycling clothing, we save precious natural resources, reduce pollution, and keep waste out of landfills. Every item of clothing saved is good for our planet. Garson & Shaw is committed to environmental stewardship through textile reuse and recycling. We are proud to be leaders in the industry, and we actively work to raise awareness about the environmental benefits of secondhand clothing.

Our Services

Garson & Shaw is committed to customer service excellence. Our fully integrated supply chain service and dedicated logistics team set us apart. Our professionals can implement a personalized, cost effective strategy for your needs. You can rely on our experienced, expert professionals to be supportive partners on your company’s road to success.


We are proud to offer a full-service transportation department who understands the standards unique to our industry. Our team can help your business stay compliant with regional, federal, and international regulations. We provide expert advice on best practices and procedures for shipping and receiving. And, we offer a variety of freight options that will keep your product deliveries on-budget and on-time.


With nearly 30 years in the used clothing business, Garson & Shaw has built up a network of suppliers, giving our customers access to the highest quality used clothing from a variety of locations. Instead of calling numerous suppliers to try to find what you need, call Garson & Shaw. We can help you find the right product for your business.

Our Team

Garson & Shaw is known for our experienced, reliable, and respected sales team. Our dedicated sales representatives will manage your purchases from start to finish. We strive to provide the best customer service and employ a multilingual staff that caters to our clients’ communication needs—in English, Spanish, French, Danish, Swedish, Russian, German, Slovak, and Bulgarian. In most cases, our sales staff will have knowledge of your specific market. In addition to sales support, Garson & Shaw offers assistance with logistics management and documentation.

With nearly 30 years of experience, our staff can manage almost any request. Working with G&S allows you to concentrate on your sales or sorting business – we take care of the supply in close co-operation with you.

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