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Number of factories:One factory

Product: Used clothes, Used shoes , Used bags 

Location: USA

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EcoGoodz was founded in 2012 on a simple premise: That people everywhere deserve access to affordable products. Our mission is to bridge the divide between the excess products produced in the United States and the availability of affordable products overseas; particularly in developing nations.Our company’s efforts help reduce the enormous burden on landfills by keeping used products in circulation longer via the secondary market. Our business model represents one of the best solutions available for prolonging the life of a used product and reducing waste, while at the same time providing affordable goods to people across the globe.

We have a social responsibility to make sure that all people have access to affordable shoes, clothing, and household goods. We also have an environmental responsibility to keep usable goods out of the landfill for as long as possible. We are committed to fulfilling these two responsibilities and it is this duality of purpose that directs every aspect of our business.


We have a strong partnership with EcoGoodz. They always send us product that works for our market. In the rare cases when something doesn’t work, they are quick to find a solution to the problem and they always make the issue right.

-May, Singapore

We started purchasing in small quantities from EcoGoodz but over time we have increased our volume because of the great service provided to us on every transaction. The team at EcoGoodz is very good at getting back to us with any questions and they always do their best to resolve any issues.

-Luis, Venezuela

We have purchased thousands of pounds of quality credential clothing from EcoGoodz since February 2015. They have been great to work with in every aspect! They make every effort to accommodate our needs. The excellent communication, flexibility, reliability and ethical standards are just some of the reasons we continue to business with them.

-Heather, San Francisco

One of the hardest things about importing used products into Africa is that we never know what the quality is like on each new load. EcoGoodz does a fantastic job of taking pictures, video, and live feeds so that we are comfortable with the product before we buy.

-Ben, West Africa

We buy containers of goods from all over the US. EcoGoodz is very good at finding us quality products at reasonable prices.

-Chanrith, Thailand

EcoGoodz makes doing business very easy. The sales team at EcoGoodz have been offering me fair deals and great service since 2012.

-Richard, Tennessee

The EcoGoodz team is committed to making sure that our buyers receive the best customer service throughout the purchasing process. We work with customers all over the world and we are familiar with the intricacies and challenges that each country faces bringing in product from the United States.

Working together, we identify the best products for your specific market, at a price that ensures a return on your investment. Our vast supply channels also guarantees that product will be available in abundance all year around. We provide consistency, volume, and above all, quality products to all of our clients.

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