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Euro Used Clothing maakt onderdeel uit van textielrecycling organisatie Boer Group.  Het jongste bedrijf opgericht in 2000


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Number of factories:One factory

Product: Second Hand Clothes

Location: Netherlands

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The youngest sorting company within Boer Group Holland

Textile recycling at the youngest sorting company within Boer Group.

Euro Used Clothing is part of the textile recycling organization Boer Group Holland. Boer Group includes several sorting and collection companies for used textiles in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.
Founded in 2000, we are the youngest sorting company within the organization. We are proud to be part of this family-owned company, which has many years of knowledge and experience.

Located in Zevenbergen, our company is the home of approximately 45 employees, all of whom passionately and joyfully perform their work. We attach great importance to the attitude of our employees because they make the company who we are. Investing in the personal development of our employees is therefore of great importance to us.

Sorting forms the DNA of our company in the textile recycling process.

Our main core activity in the textile recycling industry consists of buying textiles, sorting and packaging them, and then exporting them worldwide.

The purchase takes place at various European collection companies, often working in collaboration with charities. We also purchase through local churches and foundations.

Next, the purchased textiles undergo a meticulous sorting process. An initial sorting is done based on a quality check and product category. In the next sorting step, we critically assess the quality of the textiles once again and sort them by product category. We have a fine-grained sorting of over 250 different articles divided into various qualities and product groups.

After the sorting process, depending on our customer’s preference, the textiles are packed in bags or compressed into bales. We process 45 tons of textiles per day, which are exported worldwide.

Want to know more about our textile sorting process? Read more about it here!

A stable textile recycling production of high quality.

Thanks in part to being part of the Boer Group, we can leverage the many years of experience and knowledge within our group. This knowledge enables us to provide targeted advice to our customers and make tailored offers. Whether you’re a wholesaler or retailer, we deliver a high-quality assortment and mix of items to all our customers. In addition, our company structure, in which every step of the sorting process is visible, offers you stability. This allows us to closely monitor the entire process and provide you with the assurance of high-quality and stable results.

The professionalization of our textile recycling is constantly evolving

We guarantee a continuous improvement of working conditions within our company and focus on a management system in which environmental risks are reduced

. We are ISO 14001 certified, an environmental management system that controls and reduces environmental risks in our operations through appropriate environmental policies.
We also have OHSAS 18001 certification, a health and safety management system that ensures our employees can work in a healthy and safe manner.

Further developing the professionalization of the textile recycling industry and making it more sustainable is important to us. We operate in accordance with the guidelines established by the industry association VHT (Association for Textile Retrieval) and are certified by TÜV Rheinland and NIWO.

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