Supplier strength: ★★★★

Number of factories:One factory

Product: Second hand clothes and second hand shoes

Location: Spain

Website Traffic index:★★

Company Profile:


      We are a Spanish company of second hand clothes and used shoes. Our specialty is buying unsorted used clothes from all Europe  and we sort in our company, we offer our classified products of several forms, (mixing different or equal articles) and according to the qualities. Our workers carry out the classified task of manually, rejecting articles no apt for the sale and separating on and off and according to what type of clients goes destined, (man, woman, children, clothes of house…).

If you would like to know us, don’t doubt in putting yourself in contact with us and we will take care of to them with pleasure, inviting to them to visit our facilities and that can thus know first-hand all our products.

        We have 15 years experience in selling used and vintage clothing. offer a variety of used clothing for all seasons at the best prices. Clothing comes from the Netherlands, England, from all europe  have the top brands in women’s clothing, men, summer and winter, cream quality footwear and children’s clothing cream quality. export to Europe, Africa, Latin America. and overwor export all over the world.

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