Supplier strength: ★★★★

Number of factories:One factory

Product: Used Clothes, Shoes, and Bags 

Location: UK

Website Traffic index:★★★

Company Profile:

The family behind Next Best Clothing Ltd. has been in the textile recycling business for over 70 years and during that time have always been the most innovative company in the U.K. clothing recycling business. Pioneering the development of selling good quality clothing for reuse in many countries in Africa and Asia in the 1970’s and then in the 1990’s Next Best Clothing was the first U.K. company to export clothing to Russia and the countries emerging from the Soviet Union.

Not only on the selling side have we been the innovators but also on the collection side we have developed new collection methods focused on giving the best value for participants providing a great service and paying the best market prices.
In 1998 it was Next Best Clothing Ltd. that began collecting from and paying the schools for the goods they collected, a business that developed into Bag 2 School. Currently Bag2 School has paid over 35 million Pounds to schools for their clothing collections.
Cash 4 Clothes was also created by us in 2008, a system by which the general public can get paid directly in cash for the unwanted clothing by taking their goods to one of the Smart Recycling cabins present on numerous Retail Parks around the country. Currently our affiliated companies and Next Best Clothing Ltd. are paying around £100,000.00 a week to the general public in the U.K.

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