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Number of factories:One factory

Product: Second hand clothes and shoes


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Company Profile:

Kadeer company has been established on 5th Feb. 2017 in Erbil It is special in the field of re-using the second hand house tools. accessories and electrical tools. The company also has capabilities and experiences in the field of transportation of goods. sea and road transportation.
The company has performed many outlet services to fulfill the demands in the society. The company is proud of supporting the local markets and fulfill the requests.
We import our goods from different international sources; we make Erbil City as an international center to import goods for other countries.
Our services cover the whole lraq. we have commercial links with other countries in the middle east, this is in one hand in the other. we have plan of action to expand and develop our commercial activities.
Our company is in continuous development, it begins as a personal project but later on step by step it becomes a big company. which has a great role in the society in the field of promotion.
We care about the commercial logos and trade loyalty more than earning money. then we have never ever prefer money than confidences in the markets.
We began as small personal work. but later step by step we became a Trade name and a brand in the local markets. our vision is not to quit but to try our best to put your dream in action.
Never Ever Prefer Money Than Loyalty and Confidence.

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