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Product: Used Clothes

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Welcome to RAIS INDUSTRIES, the leading textile recycling company dedicated to creating a sustainable future. We are passionate about transforming the textile industry by revolutionizing the way we produce, consume, and dispose of textiles.

At RAIS INDUSTRIES, we understand the pressing need to address the environmental challenges posed by textile waste. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions that not only divert textiles from landfills but also promote a circular economy. By collecting, sorting, and recycling textiles, we strive to reduce the environmental impact associated with textile production and encourage responsible consumption.

With years of experience and expertise in textile recycling, we have built a strong reputation for our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. Our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technologies allow us to process a wide range of textiles efficiently, from clothing and household fabrics to industrial materials.

Join us on our journey to transform the textile industry and create a more sustainable world. Together, we can weave a brighter future, one thread at a time.


Founded in Australia in 2010 the company’s core business is wholesaling of high quality second hand clothes. With humble beginnings, RAIS INDUSTRIES now wholesales all around Australia. We are one the largest resellers to businesses within Australia that have Second-hand shop or want to resell on line. RAIS INDUSTRIES is supporting the circular economy.

Our Vision

As an established leader in the Australian second hand clothes industry, RAIS INDUSTRIES have built their reputation on delivering quality and value across the entire supply chain, from source to end consumer.

Our Mission

Our continued and consistent success is driven by valuing our customers, to ensure to gain the trust of our customers, by perfection in customer satisfaction and highest standard in quality assurance.


Our History

The strength and steady growth of RAIS INDUSTRIES success is commended to its founders Illiaz Mohammed, Razia Ansari and Managing Director, Aisha Mohammed. RAIS INDUSTRIES is managed by a team of talents that have years of collective experience and proven track records in the Used clothes industry, Which is why they are well respected in the textile industry.

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