Top 5 Most Popular Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In Bulgaria

A few names stand out when it comes to finding the best second-hand clothes suppliers in Bulgaria. This post will look at the top 5 most popular suppliers of used clothing in Bulgaria. Whether you are looking for used clothing for your business or wholesale, these suppliers will have what you need. So, without further ado, let’s look at the top 5 most popular second-hand clothes suppliers in Bulgaria!


Location:in Gabrovo, Bulgaria

Product:Used Winter Clothes

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:Grlmas is a leading supplier of high-quality used clothes based in Bulgaria. With a stellar reputation for reliability and competitive pricing,they specialize in transparent and black shrink-wrap suitable for various packaging needs. Their products are meticulously manufactured in the state-of-the-art factory, ensuring consistency and quality. Contact them today to discuss your requirements and benefit from their exceptional products and services.

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Top 5 Most Popular Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In Bulgaria



Location: in Varna, Bulgaria

Product:Used clothes, Used shoes,Used bags,

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:The brand Mania was launched in 1996 in Varna, Bulgaria. Today, Mania stands as one of the leading franchise chains with dozens of modern stores for second-hand clothing and new outlet clothing and shoes in Bulgaria. The company operates three main activities – collection, sorting, and trading, and boasts a large production base with its own sorting line.The company is committed to providing its customers with high quality used clothes at competitive prices and continues to look for new ways to improve its service.

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Top 5 Most Popular Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In Bulgaria


Location: in Varna, Bulgaria

Product:Used Clothing

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:The OLIGARH SORTEX LTD company specializes in the trade of used clothing, processing approximately 100 tons monthly. With 7 proprietary shops and 3 warehouses strategically positioned across key towns in Bulgaria, they have established a robust distribution network. The workforce comprises 50 well-trained individuals proficient in the sorting process. Primarily, the sourced used clothing originates from Scandinavia, supplemented by contributions from Switzerland and the USA. Situated in Varna, the largest port city in Bulgaria, their main office and sorting factory efficiently manage operations.The products that they offer to  oversea customers are sorted used clothing for Pakistani market (“C” quality).

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Top 5 Most Popular Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In Bulgaria


Location: in Varna, Bulgaria

Product:Second Hand Clothes and Second Hand Shoes

Number of factories:One factoryCompany Profile:Eurotex is a Bulgarian textile waste recovery company with expertise in the collection, sorting, wholesale, and recycling of used clothing, shoes, and other textiles.With over 20 years in the field, they’ve made detailed sorting  main specialty which they utilize to extend the life of as many textile products as possible.Eurotex runs a distribution network of 14 own wholesale units in Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Chile.They are also a preferred supplier to multiple used clothing and textile recycling businesses in more than 25 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

The company aims to provide high quality commodities and the best customer service, working closely with business partners from over the world, and they are seeking long-term cooperation in each relationship.

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Top 5 Most Popular Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In Bulgaria


Location: Guangzhou, in China

Product: use clothing ,used shoes,and used bags

Number of factories: Two factories

Company Profile:Hissen Global has been a leading second hand clothing exporter since 2012. Experienced entrepreneurs establish the company, and they have a considerable resource for collecting used clothes.Their supply chain and distribution system are not only stable but also significant, they have 70,000 collecting points and solid recycling accesses.Hissen Global provides its customers with a vast range of second hand apparel, such as coats, pants, shoes, and industry rags, for adults and children or for other business purposes.

If you want to learn more about their specific information or product catalog, visit their website!

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Top 5 Most Popular Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In Bulgaria


For those seeking reliable and reputable second-hand clothing suppliers in Bulgaria, the aforementioned options are top choices. Each supplier has been carefully vetted and highly recommended, guaranteeing credibility and quality service. Have you had the chance to work with any of these suppliers? Share your experiences in the comments below. Your feedback is invaluable and can assist others in making informed decisions.

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