Top 4 Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In Latvia

In Latvia, the second-hand clothing market thrives with a handful of prominent suppliers leading the way. From vintage boutiques to wholesale distributors, the country offers a diverse array of options for those seeking quality second-hand apparel. Here, we delve into the top four suppliers, each contributing uniquely to Latvia’s vibrant second-hand clothing scene.



Location: Siguldas novads, Latvia

Product: Second hand Clothing

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:Since 2008 R.D.A. activity is not limited to the Latvian market alone. Over the years, has established relationships with European, Asian and African entrepreneurs as a result of RDA is a significant step in the expansion start-sight outside the Latvian border.

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Top 4 Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In Latvia


Startex Baltic

Location: in Aizkraukle, Latvia

Product: Second hand Clothes and bags

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:Startex Baltic is grader and exporter of used shoes and clothing since 2009.Their company office and warehouse is located in Aizkraukle, Latvia 95km from Riga international airport and Riga sea port.Grader and exporter of used shoes and clothing since 2009. Their experienced workers are grading the goods according to high standard and provide consistent quality. Startex Baltic is focused on transparency of business providing quality products and long term relationship. They supply A grade and B grade clothing and shoes to African market. Currently exporting to Togo, Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, Benin, Karachi, Mundra. Startex Baltic office and warehouse is located in Aizkraukle, Latvia to provide cost efficient service. Riga airport and sea port is only 95km. They are near the motorways in center of Latvia and it offers good access to Lithuania and Estonia.

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Top 4 Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In Latvia



Location: in Riga, Latvia

Product: Second hand Clothes shoes and bags

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:KRESKAT Trading LTD is the wholesaling and grading warehouse for stock and second-hand clothes. Thanks to more than 20 years of professional experience in the wholesale market in stock clothes and second-hand, they have gained trustful and long-term relationships with supplying plants. You will have an opportunity to personally examine goods before purchasing as they are always open for store visits (warehouse address: Snikeres iela 23, LV 1067 Riga Latvia). Alternatively, they are happy to show every single piece of commodity remotely in real-time when you are only planning to purchase any of their goods and during shipment preparation.

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Top 4 Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In Latvia



Location: Guangzhou, in China

Product: use clothing ,used shoes,and used bags

Number of factories: Two factories

Company Profile:Hissen Global has been a leading second hand clothing exporter since 2012. Experienced entrepreneurs establish the company, and they have a considerable resource for collecting used clothes.Their supply chain and distribution system are not only stable but also significant, they have 70,000 collecting points and solid recycling accesses.Hissen Global provides its customers with a vast range of second hand apparel, such as coats, pants, shoes, and industry rags, for adults and children or for other business purposes.

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Top 4 Second Hand Clothes Suppliers In Latvia



When it comes to sourcing second-hand clothing from Latvia, these top five suppliers stand out as excellent options for buyers in Bulgaria. With their proven track records and commitment to quality, they offer reliability and professionalism in every transaction. Whether you’re a retailer or an individual seeking unique fashion finds, these suppliers are sure to meet your needs. If you’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with any of these suppliers, we invite you to share your experiences in the comments below. Your feedback can provide valuable insights to others in the community, helping them make well-informed decisions.

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