Top 10 Used Clothing Suppliers In USA

The world of fashion is never static. Designs change, new trends are born and the styles of yesterday are often forgotten for something new. But what happens to all those clothes that no one wants any more? Some people throw them out, but some companies have found a way to turn these unwanted garments into cash – used clothes suppliers! Used clothing suppliers buy used clothes from individuals or other retailers in bulk and then resell them at a lower price. This article will introduce you to top 10 used clothing supplier in USA.


California Clothing Recyclers

Location: in California,USA

Product: used clothes,used shoes and bags

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:Marcus and Crystal Gomez, a husband and wife team, founded California Clothing Recyclers in the fall of 1997. Since then California Clothing Recyclers, LLC has been a leader of used clothing recycling serving the Sacramento region and Northern California.

California Clothing Recyclers exports and brokers new and used clothing, shoes, stuffed animals and more.

All of Credential Clothing and Mixed Rag originates from the Northern California region and is processed in our facility located in Sacramento. California Clothing Recyclers product line includes:

  • Credential Clothing
  • Mixed Rag
  • Shoes (sorted to buyers specifications)
  • Stuffed Animals

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Top 10 Used Clothing Suppliers In USA



Location:in Coconut Creek, Florida,USA

Product: used clothing

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile: HOUSE OF RAGS RECYCLING is a well established USA based export and import trading company and reputable industry leader for over 15 years.They serve the product requirements and supply needs of secondhand clothing collectors, sustainable fashion retailers, industrial rag manufacturers and reclaim fiber processors worldwide.

Under the leadership of company director Kaye White-Webster with over 25 years of experience in international trade and development her strong entrepreneurial and business development expertise has enabled House of Rags Recycling to develop a diverse network of partners that services both buyers and sellers involved in all stages along the supply chain in the rapidly growing global secondary markets trade. 


Top 10 Used Clothing Suppliers In USA



Location:in Houston,USA

Product:Second hand clothes shoes bags and rags

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:

ItradeClothing has been involved in the used clothing market for ten years. They are an established worldwide sourcing agency which provides mixed used clothes. They are bulk wholesale buyers and resellers of unsorted clothing, used shoes, credential Clothing, books, belts & purses, etc. They grade the goods in Texas and they also broker out their high quality unsorted clothing to ther customers overseas.Their used clothes are exported to buyers in USA, Canada, East & West Africa, South & Central America, Middle East, and Pakistan, to name a few. These used clothes finally reach the end users who get a chance to purchase a quality used item at a very affordable price.

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Top 10 Used Clothing Suppliers In USA


Location:in Riverside, California,USA

Product: secondhand clothing and shoes

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:CalTex Traders LLC is a global wholesale supplier of second hand clothing and shoes. They sort, grade, export and are independent agents of Used Shoes, Unsorted Institutional Clothing, Belts & Purses, Caps/ Hats, Soft Toys, etc.

They have a dedicated well educated work force that is specialized in grading and sorting and have supplied and delivered millions of pairs of new and gently worn shoes to micro-enterprises worldwide. They are located in Southern California and have a well established reputation with the suppliers and customers.

They work close with the suppliers/distributors to make sure that the quality of the goods is superior to the competition. The double quality control ensures that the goods meet and/or exceed the end users expectations.They are always looking for new suppliers from whom they can buy used shoes, used footwear, secondhand clothing, institutional clothing, and mixed rags.

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Top 10 Used Clothing Suppliers In USA


Gentle Wear 4 U

Location:in Washington Metropolitan, USA

Product: used clothes and shoes

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:Gentle Wear 4U is a second hand company for wholesale used clothes and shoes for men, women and children based in Washington Metropolitan, USA. Their used Wholesale clothing sorted is specially made for overseas market. All Wholesale used clothes are packed in 50-pound according to customer requirements. Also they ship unsorted used clothes and shoes by 20/40 containers worldwide. If you are interested to do business with them, please contact them to answer any questins or concerns you may have. They look forward to doing business with you.

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Top 10 Used Clothing Suppliers In USA


Pick Vintage Wholesale

Location:in lincolnshire, USA

Product: Vintage clothes

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile: Pick Vintage Wholesale, based in lincolnshire. they import vintage clothing from the USA and Europe.They supply vintage resellers of all kinds, from eBay and Depop, to high street shops.

They offer in person handpick appointments, video handpick appointments, bundles to get new sellers started, or select quantities of specific categoies such as Carhartt Jackets, Branded T-Shirts and Sweatshirts.

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Top 10 Used Clothing Suppliers In USA



Location:in lincolnshire, USA

Product:Wholesale Used Clothes ,Wholesale Used Shoes

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:Premier Wholesaler, Serving the Wholesale Community Since 2001– Premier Wholesaler is a worldwide liquidation wholesale distributor and global exporter specializing in liquidated wholesale merchandise from many of the nation’s retailer, big-box stores and online retailers. wholesale supplier offering a one stop ecommerce of bulk wholesale products to sell.They offer shelf pulls, overstocks, closeouts, surplus and salvage items, wholesale clothes, overstock apparel, used clothing, second hand shoes, used shoes, recycled footwear, wholesale sneakers, amazon overstock truckloads, dollar store wholesale items, customer returns and more.They offer wholesale distribution and product sourcing to other wholesale companies, online businesses, flea marketers, wholesale suppliers, drop shippers, resellers! Whether you are a retail business or a wholesale business looking for products wholesale, they have the wholesale pricing and wholesale goods to fit just about any budget. Whether you’re a large wholesale buyer, a small shop, or experienced exporter, they can get you started in the right direction.

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Top 10 Used Clothing Suppliers In USA


Location:in Issaquah, USA

Product:used clothes,used shoes and used bags

Number of factories:One factory

Company Profile:EcoGoodz is a wholesale used clothing supplier in the USA. They offer many different types of used clothing in bulk including credential clothing, mixed rags and used shoes.EcoGoodz was founded in 2012 on a simple premise: That people everywhere deserve access to affordable products. Their mission is to bridge the divide between the excess products produced in the United States and the availability of affordable products overseas; particularly in developing nations.The company’s efforts help reduce the enormous burden on landfills by keeping used products in circulation longer via the secondary market. Their business model represents one of the best solutions available for prolonging the life of a used product and reducing waste, while at the same time providing affordable goods to people across the globe.

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Top 10 Used Clothing Suppliers In USA



Location:in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Product:Credential Clothing, Mixed Rags,Tropical Mix,Sorted Items

Number of factories:Four factory

Company Profile:Garson & Shaw is a global wholesale supplier of used clothing and related items. Reusing and recycling are good for the planet and it’s people.

Garson & Shaw is known for our experienced, reliable and respected sales team. They offer dedicated sales representatives who will manage your purchases from start to finish. In most cases, their reps will be able to speak your language and have special knowledge of your market. Their experienced staff also provides assistance with logistics management and documentation.

With nearly 30 years of experience,Garson & Shaw can manage almost any request.

Choose Garson & Shaw for a seamless and hassle-free buying experience.

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Top 10 Used Clothing Suppliers In USA


Location: Guangzhou, in China

Product: use clothing ,used shoes,and used bags

Number of factories: Two factories

Company Profile:

Hissen Global is a second hand clothes wholesale company with a strict quality control system. The company has gained all necessary qualifications, including industry licenses such as ISO9001, ISO45001, etc.They are famous for having a rigorous quality control system. They implement 5 times quality inspection during produce process and before packing and loading. Each step is managed by 100% manual.The company’s used clothing is stored in a safe and dry environment, which keeps the used garment in good condition.Hissen has a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff who are available to reply to your questions. Contact them today to learn more about their services or place an order.

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Top 10 Used Clothing Suppliers In USA


Are you looking for second-hand clothing suppliers in the USA? Look no further! With the introduction of ten top-notch suppliers in this guide, you’ll have no trouble finding quality and diverse second-hand apparel. These suppliers aren’t just about great products; they also prioritize customer satisfaction and sustainable practices. Whether you prefer shopping online or browsing physical stores, these suppliers have you covered. Here’s to discovering your ideal second-hand clothing supplier through this article!

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